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Rural House Fuerteventura

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Rural Houses

Enjoying the volcanic nature and the rural environment that surrounds the rural houses of the towns of Tiscamanita and Tuineje is part of the charm of this experience in Fuerteventura.

Another important part is dealing with people.

For us, personalized treatment is fundamental… Receiving our guests, getting to know them and getting to know us during their rest experience, we love it.


Accommodation is the most important part of the rural experience that we offer in our rural houses, therefore, quality and comfort can be breathed in these stone walls, in the wooden beams and in the stories of tradition.


Preserving this history is part of the commitment that we acquired in the Rural Network of Fuerteventura by registering all our houses, and complying with all the quality requirements and guarantees that rural houses in the Canary Islands must meet.

Canary Islands Tourism Registration Number: CR-35-2-0000009 (Rural House Tamasite) CR-35-2-0000013 (Agroturismo La Gayría)


We are proud to be able to share with all our clients, some charming rural houses in the middle of the island of Fuerteventura, which have a unique environment, nothing more than a 5,000 square meter estate, which was built in the 18th century.

These are Majorera rural houses that are located in Tiscamanita (Tuineje), where tourists can enjoy their long-awaited vacations, as well as all kinds of outdoor activities, which are so beneficial for all guests of our accommodation at Agroturismo La Gayría.

Enjoying nature and the rural environment that surrounds these three rural houses in Tuineje is part of the charm of the rural houses in Fuerteventura that Agroturismo La Gayría offers to all its clients and visitors.

It is a rural accommodation that consists of three houses with names such as El Yugo, El Arado and El Injerto, which have spacious and high-level rooms, where gastronomic, recreational and leisure activities are carried out, also having a swimming pool of fresh water.

On the other hand, the tranquility and comfort that is breathed in this environment, are exceptional, since rural tourism, and specifically, the so-called agrotourism are part of a new concept of tourism on the island of Fuerteventura.


Rural tourism consists of several types of formats, and one of them is agrotourism.

It is a modality in which contact with the rural and traditional world of each area prevails, where you can enjoy this type of rural Majorero accommodation.

It is usually developed in agricultural areas, where tourists coexist with all the inhabitants of the farms, both animals and crops.

In fact, tourists who enjoy this type of rural tourism are called agrotourists, and carry out all kinds of outdoor activities, such as going fishing, learning crafts, gastronomic workshops, or even more direct involvement. with the tasks of agriculture and livestock.

We are talking about caring for animals, farming or caring for fruit trees.

The rural houses of Fuerteventura of Agroturismo La Gayría, propose all these activities to their guests, because we want them to enjoy their stay on the island, adding value to said experience, and making them part of everything that for us supposes a vital impulse for the nature and care for the environment.

These types of activities offer the cultural and rural development of the participants in this type of rural tourism and agrotourism.

And in this way, the rural world is much closer to the real world and much closer than customers imagine.

Promoting tourism in the countryside is an important adventure for all those involved, whether on the part of tourists or on our part, since it is important that the rural area is related to daily life and to vacations in the island of Fuerteventura.


In all the cases in which the rural tourism or agrotourism that we have wanted to practice in La Gayría, is present in each of the activities that are practiced, a touch of important culture is included, in addition to the fun that it supposes for everyone. tourists, the fact of sharing tasks typical of experts in agriculture and livestock.

This special charm that all these types of activities bring, make these experiences adventures to never forget.

This is why the rural houses on the island of Majorera are an important attraction for many tourists who want to get involved with nature in a different and always positive way.

In this same sense, the rural houses in Fuerteventura have a large swimming pool with water at a very appetizing temperature, in addition to having a rural patio where a barbecue has been installed, which will delight all guests. as well as a car park inside the rural house for greater comfort of the clients.

Charm is present at all times in the experiences that guests experience in our rural houses in Fuerteventura, a unique and emblematic place that is easy to enjoy as a guaranteed rural house in Tuineje.


In the rural complex Agroturismo La Gayría in Fuerteventura, there are three rural houses that have all the comforts that guests want to enjoy.

We have three rural houses in Fuerteventura within this complex, and each of them has its own comforts.

To begin with, the El Yugo rural house is an 18th century house, and it was an old stately home.

Cochineal was kept in that stately home, which was sold to the English as a natural dye, and which has always brought important economic activity to the island of Fuerteventura.

The rural house has a bedroom, a living room-kitchen and a bathroom, with a maximum capacity of 4 people, who can enjoy the library, relax loungers, washer and dryer, barbecue and oven, and swimming pool.

The prices of these rural houses depend on the season of the reservation, since we usually do special promotions once reserved, although for the reservation of one person the standard price will be €40, two people for €50, three people for €60 and four people for €70.

At these prices, the Canarian Indirect General Tax or IGIC should be added.

On the other hand, the rural house El Arado was an old blacksmith shop where the horseshoes of the animals of the entire municipality of Tuineje were made.

This house consists of a bedroom, a living room and kitchen at the same time, a bathroom and a central patio, with capacity for four people.

It is a house with traditional architecture, based on sustainability and the comfort that guests deserve in our Majorera rural houses in the municipality of Tuineje.

It is a way of preserving the line of tradition, at the same time that you can enjoy services such as a library, barbecue-oven, bedding and crockery, relax loungers and a swimming pool where you can enjoy free time and leisure.

It also has a laundry room, where it includes a washing machine, dryer and iron. And as a star element, it also has a telescope with which you can see the stars on the dark nights of Tiscamanita.

The prices are the same as those of the rural house El Yugo, and to make a firm reservation it will be enough to make a bank transfer of 25% of the total.

Finally, we have the rural house El Injerto, which was the main house of the former owners, it has capacity for four people.

Again the prices are the same as for the other two rural houses, as well as the reservation and payment conditions.

This particular house has capacity for four people, but it also has two rooms.

It is a rural accommodation that has a totally ecological farm and flag, where there is a recreation area with all kinds of animals.


Undoubtedly, the landscapes that can be seen from Tiscamanita are unique, and are capable of transporting guests to unexpected places.

The beaches and landscapes that we have in the surroundings are worth appreciating, as well as the activities with which we delight all guests, and which are the following:

  • Horse riding routes through the rural area of ​​Fuerteventura: where the horses will be well cared for and the routes will open the eyes of beauty to all tourists. The horses we have are two trained Arabian horses that could be ridden by any rider.
  • Viña Gayría: the elaboration of wine in an underground cellar is another of the attractive activities of La Gayría, where white malvasia and listán negro grapes from Tenerife are used, and where wine tasting is carried out.
  • Star sighting: in this case, there is a pristine star sighting, because there is no light pollution in the area, and all the stars in the sky can be seen both with a telescope and without a telescope.
  • Solidarity rural tourism: we have sustainable measures that make possible the existence of a more humane planet. In this sense, there are special promotions that should be taken into account at all times.

In short, there are activities within the rural houses of Fuerteventura, which will delight the tourists and guests of La Gayría, as well as activities throughout the entire island, such as whale watching and cetaceans, cycling routes or visits to aloe vera plantations.