Rural House El Injerto

The farmhouse GRAFTING was the main cause of the former owners.

It currently consists of a double bedroom, one single, lounge, kitchen and bathroom.

The name of the house bears his name to the ingenuity of man, because in times of drought this implement to plow with a cow and a donkey, hence it is half and half yoke canga it was created. Capacity 4 persons.

Telescope where you can see the dark night of Tiscamanita, no light pollution

Laundry room (washer, dryer, iron ...)

Prices cottage:

Prices are per day for a stay of 7 nights.

On the other stays ask offers.

At these prices must be added the IGIC. NO PETS ALLOWED.


1 People

2 People

3 People

4 People

El Injerto






To book firm, it is necessary to provide advance by bank transfer 25%, the rest on arrival at the house. Messrs. Customers will be greeted by the owner, we adapt to the time of arrival and inform you how to get home.

The time occupancy accommodation will be at 17:00 and departure before 12:00. (Decree regulating cottages). For inputs or outputs outside these hours please consult possibilities. For reservations less than 3 days consultation with the owner.

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