Agroturismo La Gayría, tu alojamiento rural en Fuerteventura

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Rural House Gayria

Agrotourism Fuerteventura

starOur Rural houses in Fuerteventura are different from the rest rural house in Canarias, because we have joined the rural tourism and agrotourism in one place, Farmhouse The Gayria. We offer a different way of holidays in Fuerteventura. Enjoy nature, meet the rest in a single place to get nature, tranquility and comfort.

3 Rural houses

homeAgroturismo La Gayría, Tiscamanita – Tuineje (Fuerteventura), composed of three rural houses in a country area of 5000 m2; El Yugo, El Arado y el Injerto. Rural Accommodation in Fuerteventura. Bedrooms are of high level, living rooms are carefully adapted with fantastic views everywhere and the gastronomy is rich. Furthermore we offer recreation activities, swimming pool and many more.

Finca rural siglo XVIII

imageAgroturismo La Gayría was a noble house in the XVIII th century during the economical prosperity of the Canarian Islands thanks to the exportation of the cochineal. Now it offers the customers to be in touch with nature and agriculture, to taste the season fruits, get fresh eggs from hens, milk goats and drink the milk with the famous and typical “gofio majorero”.

Farmhouse The Gayria in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands the first Farm, enjoy.

Pepe Santana, 2012


Rural House El Yugo

El Yugo (House La Gayria en Tiscamanita) Rural house with quietness and rest far from the mass tourism.


Rural House El Arado

El Arado (Casa La Gayria en Tiscamanita) Rural House with sustainability and comfort. Traditional architecture of Fuerteventura.


Rural House El Injerto

El Injerto (Casa La Gayria en Tiscamanita) Accommodation rural tourism, ecotourism and organic farming and livestock. Recreation area with animals ..


More Rural Houses

We are a small family business owners and Rural Houses Tamasite and Rural Houses Agrotourism The Gayria in Fuertevenutra. Meet our other houses.


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Fuerteventura reserva de la biosfera

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Casas Rurales Fuerteventura
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Tuineje, Fuerteventura
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