Our activities

Farm Activities The Gayría

Horse riding in Fuerteventura

We care of every detail,
beginning with adequate facilities for the horse.
A team with experience and quality.

Our facilities designed thinking about the health of the horse.

Our Riding has complete facilities and quality.

Farm located in the countryside,
magnificent grounds having to do horseback riding .

On our farm, we have two copies of Arabian breed, fully trained, suitable for all types of riders.

Currently we are working on the recovery of the burro majorero SOO, we have 8 female donkeys, 3 male donkeys and 7 burritos.

Vineyard Gayría

Agritourism La Gayría has a underground cellar Where we make wine from the grape variety of white Malvasia Lanzarote and Tenerife black listed. We tasting .

Whale Stars

Because at night, no light pollution, our yard is one of the most recommended for see the stars , with or without a telescope.

Solidario rural tourism Fuerteventura

Cottages solidarity , for sustainable tourism and a more humane world. By staying in our homes 10% discount to proving belong to an NGO, or be a donor and 15% if it proves to have an income of 15% for the amount of the reserve to an NGO will be made.

External Activities

What to do in Fuerteventura?

Aloe Vera Tiscamanita - Fuerteventura

Visitas a plantaciones de aloe vera.

Aloe es un género de la subfamilia Asfodeloides de la Liliáceas,
la cual comprende más de 200 especies.

Tiene su origen en África Oriental y Meridional.

Puede alcanzar entre 2 y 3 metros de altura, y raramente alcanza 6 metros.

Las especies de este género casi siempre son leñosas, pero de hojas muy grandes y carnosas, formando grandes rosetones y con una espina recia en su extremo, armadas de otras espinas laterales más pequeñas.

El Aloe Vera es un excelente limpiador y antiséptico natural.

Contiene al menos seis agentes antisépticos:

lupeol, ácido salicílico, nitrógeno de urea, ácido cinámico, fenol y azufre,
que penetra fácilmente en la piel y en los tejidos
(en algunas ocasiones cruzando siete capas distintas),
que actúa como anestésico calmando todo tipo de dolores
(especialmente los musculares y de las articulaciones)
y tranquilizando los nervios, que posee una gran actividad bactericida,
que también destruye numerosos tipos de virus,
que es fungicida, antiinflamatorio, antiprurítico (detiene la comezón),
altamente nutritivo (contiene vitaminas, minerales y azúcares),
dilata los capilares sanguíneos incrementando la circulación en la zona afectada,
descompone y destruye los tejidos muertos (incluyendo el pus),
favorece el crecimiento celular normal
(acelerando la curación de llagas y heridas),
hidrata los tejidos y es antipirético
(elima la sensación de calor en las llagas, úlceras e inflamaciones).

Visite el centro de Canary Aloe en Tiscamanita

Whales and Cetaceans in the Canary Islands

whale watching and whale , is tourism that is very fashionable, the council is doing photographic works that can be seen as these animals, because of the temperatures of our waters, approach much to our shores.

Oasis Park La Lajita

More than 6,800 species of plants from all over the world, they will accompany you on your journey, forming a microclimate that softens the temperatures, a leafy walk full of nooks, natural shade and rest areas.

In the impressive aviaries hundreds of exotic birds amaze you, advancing on the path await you silent and motionless variety of reptiles. They can not miss the family that " The great African turtle " created in Oasis Park ; a return to prehistory with the disturbing and motionless iguanas.

Cycling in Fuerteventura

Practice Outdoor Sports: from water such as windsurfing and diving to the adventure as mountain biking and hiking ...

Fuerteventura has ideal routes for this sport. For our climate that accompanies many clients come to Fuerteventura cycling.

Windsurfing and kiteboarding

Practice windsurfing and scuba diving ... In the month of July is when the greatest show windsurf is held in Fuerteventura , on the beach of Costa Calma, in Sparrows. Our beaches are best for windsurfing.